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Star Bharat’s new periodic fiction Mayavi Maling to be a visual treat

The show, which will go on air on May 1, is set in a fantasy world and is a tale of finding our inner hero in the darkest of times

Mayavi Maling (L-R) Ankit Gupta, Harshad Arora, Aparna Kumar, Gracy Goswami, Vani Sood, Neha Solanki, Shakti Anand, Producer Alind Srivastav & Nissar Parveez

Star Bharat has announced the launch of its new periodic fiction show ‘Mayavi Maling’, which is expected to be heavy on visual effects. The storyline laced with action, romance, mystery and thrill is expected to catch audience’s attention across age-groups, adults and children alike, making it a family entertainer. The show will go on air on May 1, and will be telecast at 7pm on weekdays.

Mayavi Maling is a tale of finding the strength within and standing up against even the mightiest of evils. Set in a fantasy world, the show features Neha Solanki, Vaani Sood and Gracy Goswami as the three princesses – Pranali, Eshwarya and Garima respectively.

Actor Shakti Anand essays the role of the princesses’ father and the King of Maling, whereas Harshad Arora takes on the role of Angad, a powerful and evil Danav Vanshi, who is also the prince of Mahapuram, a neighbouring kingdom.

The show boasts of state-of-the-art technology that brings alive the magical world. Prana Studios that has worked on superlative projects, including the Game of Thrones, has created the visual effects for Mayavi Maling along with the creator of the show Vivek Bahl and Peninsula Pictures. Rajat Poddar is the director.

Bahl said, “Mayavi Maling is the perfect blend of gripping storyline and visual masterpiece. It will set a new benchmark for family entertainers on Indian television. The well-sketched characters, detailed storyline, setup, visual effects make it one of the most inimitable offering for audiences across the country.”

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